Superhero Shades

Some weeks ago i was reading the online daily american vogue and i found a nice article about superheroes and nail polish (Read it here)! They combined differents types of heroes with different kind of nal polishes. But in my opinion they forgot to speak about few new or unknown heroes which i actually like, so i thought to finish the article with  4 more heroes.

I would like to start from Kick ass, it's a qute new superhero, he hasn't got any power at all, he's actualy quite clumsy but he fights! It doesn't matter who or how he fights till the end. If you haven't seen the film and you're not impressionable you HAVE to watch it! I also read the comics and I really recommend it because it's quite different from the film and I enjoied reading it.

OPI - 'Here today Aragon tomorrow' suede effect
Essie - Funky Lime Light is hot!
Chanel - Black velvet

...But let's go on: Hit Girl, Kick ass' helper, well she actually does the biggest part of the work. She's just a little girl who has license to kill. What I love from her costume is her bright purple wig, love it!

Nars - Gorgeous Single
Model Own - Misty Grey
BarryM Black poilsh

Next superhero is a bit bizarre, he's similar to Kick ass (no power, remember?). Oh hey a was forgetting to tell you the name, He is The crimson bolt.
Again I really recommend this film just if you're not impressionable. The costume is very simple but I decided to speak about him because I liked the way he makes his costume.

 Revlon Red 680
 Butter London - Yellow
OPI - Top coat

Last but  not least, Boltie (The crimson bolt's helper)! She is totally crazy but she deserve a place in this post.

Color paw dog nail polish - green sparkle
Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polish
Dior - incognito

Well now you know my nerdy side. Am I the only one here? 
Please let me know what you think about comics and nail polish?
and please, tell me that i'm not the only one with a nerd tendency.

Love, Lucy


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