July Favourits

Welcome to my very first "favourites products of the month" blog post! 
Since i really like this kind of blog I though to start doing it too, so excited.

Revlon Lip Butter (Candy Apple):  
This is one of the easiest red lipsticks to wear! It gives off quite a bit of colour and is moisturising.
I always bring this in my bag and apply it without any mirror, for me it's juust the perfect lip butter.

Caudalie beuty elixir:
Now that is super doper hot here in Italy I like to have with me  this product so I can spray it onto my face when i'm feeling very hot, just to freshen me up a bit. And i love the smell!

Sébium Pore Refineer:
I've been using this cream since the first day I bought it, it does an excellent job on my skin. I apply it every day before my make up and it makes my skin so smooth and it feels amazing!

Maybelline Color Tattoo:
Color tatto from Maybelline is a perfect eyeshadow to use when you don't feel like wearing too much make up because is boiling hot during the summer. They are crease less which means you don't need any base and they last all day. They are also easy to apply even with fingers! I'm in love with the color Taupe which I think is a paspartout for every kind of look.

Dior Bikini Nail polish:
This is my absolute fav nail polish for the summer, it looks perfect on mediom and dark skin and it's a must have if you are ging to the beach.

Make up forevere Waterproof Eyebrow Corrector:
As I said I don't wear too much make up durinng summer, but I like define my brows. This is the perfect product for my brows because it is really waterproof and even after an entire day at the swimming pool it didn't move at all. Love it!

What are your favouritesproducts of the month? 

Love, Lucy


Olympic Fever?

Hellou everybody! 
Today I feel like writing a post a bit different from the others, I wanna talk about the Olympic games. I'm not into sports at all, I don't watch football, basketball or others sports, so don't hate me for that, but I watched the opening ceremony for one reason only: Paul Mccartney! 

 I've never really talked about my passion for The Beatles, well here we go. I've always been a HUGE fan of them and I keep a little collection of things I collected about The Beatles since i was 9 old. I've cd, dvd, poster, tshirt, bags, books, photos, diary and even a ticket concert (Paul Mccartney's concert, London 2009). I can say they was and still are a big part of my life that will neve change. 
So how could I miss the performance of last night?! I found that Paul is still rocking the audience as usual, I wish I was there to watch him singing :'( And to those peolple who are saying bad things about him, I know that is just their ignorance speaking for them and they should stop wasting oxigen and start to listen good music. 

A part from Sir Paul I quite enjoied watching the Olympic show and GB people should be very proud of the ceremony which was very moving!
I thingk I'll root for GB.

 And you guys? Where are you from and which team do you suport?

Love, Lucy.


Sébium Pore Refineer REVIEW

Exactly one month ago I decided to try out a new product from BIODERMA, which i personally love their CREALIN H2O CLEANSING SOLUTION and SEBIUM H2O. 
I have combination to oily skin, specially in my T zone and I used to put my Benefit porefessional before applying any kind of make up. Well, even if Benefit is always been one of my favourite pore filler of all time I have to admit that I'm thinking to replace it with the Bioderma one! I'm actually impressed with the result so far. This baby leaves the skin really soft and matte and it feels like not wearing anything! I haven't found it at all drying or irritating after a month. 
I use this pore refiner as a first thing on my skin every morning after cleansing and then I put on my daily moisturizer. The texture is so light, so nice! It dries quickly, leaving perfectly smooth skin. My skin's appearance has improved a lot with using this miracle! 
There aren't enough good words to describe this product, definitely gonna re-purchase.

Do you own this product? Any BIODERMA suggestion?

Love, Lucy


Light summer make up

This summer, I've been addicted to the naked 1 palette. I just think that it has such a perfect range of colours. I wanted to throw together a little 5 step tutorial showing you how I create my typical summer eye. Step by step instructions are below!

 1. Prepare your face and prime your eyes. I used Urban Decay's Primer Potion.
2. Fill your entire lid with SIN or a light shimmery eyeshadow.
3. Brush some medium to dark shimmer light brown shadow onto the outer third of the lid. Blend well. I used SIDECAR shadow.
4. Continue using the colour TOASTED applying it in the crease.
5.  Curl your lashes and Add mascara to your top and bottom lashes. I used Rimmel Lycra Lash Extender.

  While i was doing this tutorial my cat SID, my personal make-up artist helped  me :)

Let me a coment if you like the look!

Love, Lucy


Perfect day

Last week-end i spent an entire day at the park having a picnic and taking some pictures with my analogic camera. I used differents subjects, as you can see, but i'm quite satisfied with the result (just to remind you, this was my very first film with a real analogic camera).

Love, Luccy.


Sephora Box

About a week ago i recived  my order form Sephora and after using all these new products for a while i can  tell you my thoughts on them!

After dusting this foundation on, you won't even be able to feel that it is there. It is amazing how light this product is, even if you go for full coverage as I do. Plus, this is one time I can make my dermatologist happy. She tells me not to leave the house without sunscreen on and it is built right into the BM foundation. No need to put some slimy, stinky sunscreen on your face. Thanks Bare Minerals. This product is a dream come true. It has made a tremendous difference in my skin. I would feel naked without it.
P.S. I highly recommend using the Kabuki brush if you want full coverage. If you like lighter coverage the Flawless Face brush is a great choice.

I wear this every day and is one of the best make-up products I own. I have oily skin and large pores and Primed & Poreless works to hide that like magic! Primed & Poreless Powder turns any foundation into high definition makeup. Powder technology transforms skin by visually minimizing pores, fine lines and imperfections for an airbrushed looking finish. This powder can be worn alone, or under and over foundation to prep skin, lockdown makeup and control shine for a complexion smoothing, flawless finish.

I  am completely and totally in love with this stuff! I have dark, sparse eyebrows and I've struggled to find something that looks natural but still gives the definition that I need. This product is amazing. You need just the smallest amount for both eyebrows so a tube will last a very long time, making it a great value. I got the color 3 which looks incredibly natural on me. I have very oily skin and this will last all day on me without fading, migrating or smearing. I use my MAC 208 to apply it and have had no application issues. Tiny dot on the back of the hand, coat the brush, start at the front of my brows and work my way through the tails, brush them with a spoolie and perfect all day. Absolute HG item here, can't say enough good things about it.

I decided to try out Too Faced Better Than False Lashes mascara($35) to see if it even compares as I have had false eye lashes applied to me, but I wouldn't want to apply them on a daily basis. Well, this three step system will have me batting my lashes all day! Too Faced Better Than False Lashes gave my lashes the length and volume of falsies, and truly looked like I was wearing falsies! Lasts ALL day long.
These are the 3 steps:
Step 1, Prime: Use 1-2 coats of the Activating Mascara Base and Top Coat to create a base to adhere the weightless Flexistretch™ nylon fibers.

Step 2, Build: Brush on 1-2 coats of the Flexistretch™ Nylon Fibers to build outrageous length and volume. Focus the Flexistretch™ fibers where you want extra length or volume.

Step 3, Seal: Finish by sealing the Flexistretch™ Nylon Fibers with 1-2 coats of the ultra-black Activating Mascara to create that “better than false lashes” effect. This final coat surrounds each nylon-coated lash while it melts and stretches the Flexistretch™ fibers into a long, thick, dramatic lash. 

This beauty balm offers multiple skincare and makeup benefits in one simple step. A powerful, multi-mineral complex instantly achieves a healthy glow and improves skin's overall appearance.
1. Light-diffusing pigments tint and add radiance (available in 4 shades)
2.Anti-aging, multi-mineral complex primes & prevents damage.
3. Moisturizes with oil-free hydration.
4. Hypo-allergenic and soothing for all skin types.
5. Broad-spectrum, chemical-free SPF 20
I 'm not used to wear foundation during the summer. This is my first beauty balm and I am addicted. I LOVE this beauty balm. I bought the nude glow because I stay tan so it is the absolute perfect match for me. It goes on so smoothly and easily, I just swipe it on with my hands every day. I can honestly say my skin looks healthier and more nourished after using this product.

I never thought that this would work as well as it did!!I have a lot of eyebrows so I dont need to draw them in, but a lot of times they like to go their own direction and it looks messy. Urban Brow Styling Brush and Setting Gel is a miracle. Never crunchy, my brows now look perfectly preened and defined without overly, sharp lines or or any darkening pigments. So, you won't end up with, "Vampira Brows!" I love this stuff!


  It may not be the most "creative" color selection but it still is very versatile - probably more so than the shimmery palettes. I can wear these colors to work and school, for more formal occasions and for nights out as well. This is good for "natural" and retro looks as well as smokey eyes. I like to use the darkest shades as liners and the light ones make for good subtle (!) highlight colors. I find matte eye shadows to be much more flattering than the overly shimmery eye shadows in the other Too Faced palettes. Furthermore, this matte formula lasts longer on my very oily eyelids. Naturally, this formula is not as smooth as a shimmer and takes more effort to blend, but I think it's worth the effort. Also, if you like very pigmented eye shadows, these is for you.

Do you own any of these products? Do you have any suggestion to make?
Please let me know!

Love, Lucy.