Olympic Fever?

Hellou everybody! 
Today I feel like writing a post a bit different from the others, I wanna talk about the Olympic games. I'm not into sports at all, I don't watch football, basketball or others sports, so don't hate me for that, but I watched the opening ceremony for one reason only: Paul Mccartney! 

 I've never really talked about my passion for The Beatles, well here we go. I've always been a HUGE fan of them and I keep a little collection of things I collected about The Beatles since i was 9 old. I've cd, dvd, poster, tshirt, bags, books, photos, diary and even a ticket concert (Paul Mccartney's concert, London 2009). I can say they was and still are a big part of my life that will neve change. 
So how could I miss the performance of last night?! I found that Paul is still rocking the audience as usual, I wish I was there to watch him singing :'( And to those peolple who are saying bad things about him, I know that is just their ignorance speaking for them and they should stop wasting oxigen and start to listen good music. 

A part from Sir Paul I quite enjoied watching the Olympic show and GB people should be very proud of the ceremony which was very moving!
I thingk I'll root for GB.

 And you guys? Where are you from and which team do you suport?

Love, Lucy.

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