July Favourits

Welcome to my very first "favourites products of the month" blog post! 
Since i really like this kind of blog I though to start doing it too, so excited.

Revlon Lip Butter (Candy Apple):  
This is one of the easiest red lipsticks to wear! It gives off quite a bit of colour and is moisturising.
I always bring this in my bag and apply it without any mirror, for me it's juust the perfect lip butter.

Caudalie beuty elixir:
Now that is super doper hot here in Italy I like to have with me  this product so I can spray it onto my face when i'm feeling very hot, just to freshen me up a bit. And i love the smell!

Sébium Pore Refineer:
I've been using this cream since the first day I bought it, it does an excellent job on my skin. I apply it every day before my make up and it makes my skin so smooth and it feels amazing!

Maybelline Color Tattoo:
Color tatto from Maybelline is a perfect eyeshadow to use when you don't feel like wearing too much make up because is boiling hot during the summer. They are crease less which means you don't need any base and they last all day. They are also easy to apply even with fingers! I'm in love with the color Taupe which I think is a paspartout for every kind of look.

Dior Bikini Nail polish:
This is my absolute fav nail polish for the summer, it looks perfect on mediom and dark skin and it's a must have if you are ging to the beach.

Make up forevere Waterproof Eyebrow Corrector:
As I said I don't wear too much make up durinng summer, but I like define my brows. This is the perfect product for my brows because it is really waterproof and even after an entire day at the swimming pool it didn't move at all. Love it!

What are your favouritesproducts of the month? 

Love, Lucy

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