About me

Hellou! i'm new here so i thought to introduce myself with a brief post.

First of all my name is Lucy and i'm italian, so EXCUSEZ-MOI if i'll make any grammar mistakes but i really like speaking english and i feel  myself more english than italian, if this makes any sense to you, guys...

I've always been a huge lover of any kind of make up tutorial and travel vlog, once i even thought to start my own YT channel but i'm actually too shy to share my face "on the tube", so i finally decided to start a little and modest blog here! :)

As you can imagine, this will be mainly a beauty and travel blog where i will be postin' regularly my thoughts about these two hobby of mine.

A part from this i also have few other passions: photography and cinema.

What else? well i think that the best way to get to know me it's asking me any kind of question that you have in mind.

For now is everything, see you in the next blog!

Love, Lucy.