Dior summer nail polish

This evening I'll be showing you Dior Bikini, part of Dior's Croisette Collection for Summer 2012. St. Tropez is the other part of the nail polish duo, but it's a re-release - previously created especially for the Dior Boutique opening in St. Tropez and was a Limited Edition.

 Dior Bikini is a dusty spicy orange creme that applies smoothly...

 Moving on to a more natural and nude colour Dior Incognito 257 nail polish is a demure nude pink cream with a hint of grey. It's a fairly standard nude-colored polish but what I love about this one is that it doesn't make you look corpse-like. Coverage is semi-sheer which helps it look more natural. It makes the hands look polished and clean but it's easily dupeable. If you don't have a good nude-pink this is a good one and the formula is long-lasting with a smooth shiny finish.

What do you think? Is this a summer color you go for?
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Neve Cosmetic

Hellou! Today i would like to talk about an italian cosmetic brand :)
First off i' ve to say that in Italy we don't have many cosmetics brands and the few we own aren't known out of the country... so i hope you'll find this post more interesting than others revews.
Neve Cosmetic was born in 2009 near Turin, and one of their main goals is to produce high quality mineral make up in Italy. All their products are made with natural ingredients and cruelty free. I prsonally own just two of their products which i totally love and i think i'll purchase more things from them in the future.
These are the 2 items i own:

The first one is an eyeshadow palette which belongs to a group of palettes called "gli arcobaleni" which means RAINBOWS. This particular palette is named "Intensissimi" ( intense) and as you can see the coulours are very brights! Personally i really like this palette because the eyeshadows are very pigmented and sometimes i do enjoy give a touch of colour to my make up, but of course this choice might and might not like! So for those people who prefere natural and soft colours there are some others palettes...

As you can see there is a  wide range of colours.

The second item i own is a little and cute kabuki brush called "catbuki" which i always bring with me in my bag so i can set my make up any time i need it. 

Here there are swatches from my palette:

Here i'll leave their website if you are interested in some of their products or at least give it a look! 
Neve Cosmetic: http://www.nevecosmetics.it/it/

I don't know if they have international shipping but i thought once i'll have enough followers i could do a giveway if you like it :)

So please let me know what do you think guys!

Love, Lucy.


Latest obsession!

One of my latest obsessions are hand made bracelets! I like wearing well made accessories and let me tell you that when i recived my order from 'Fleur De Force shop' i was very surprise in a positive way!
First of all the shop has a really good shiping policy because it offers free international shipping which is amazing. Then the quality of the items is just incredible, they are exactly how they look in photos and when i recived my pack i was really happy with all three the bracelets i've ordered.
but let me show you which one i chose...

These are the 3 items i purchased and as you can see are gorgeous! i think i'll use these over the summer on the beach or to informal occasions.

I will leave here the shop link and Fleur YT channel becausse i like her video as much as i like her brcelets and i think everyone should know her!

Shop: http://shop.fleurdeforce.com/
YT channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/FleurDeForce/videos

What do you think guys? Don't you love these bracelets too?

Love, Lucy.


A passion.

Hellou everybody!
As i mentioned before, one of my others hobby is Photography. So i thought to share my Flickr account and Etsy shop, if there is someone else out there who appreciates Photos :)

Flikr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lsdpois/
Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/LuxKaysen


Crazy for Topshop!

I've always been a huge fan of topshop brand (clothes, accesorise and make up), so i decided to try one of the new blushes and highlighter. Let me say that i find the packaging lovely...

I have to admit that they are not my favourites blush and highlighter but i like how they look on my face, they give a natural and healthy look to my cheeks. The best thing about this two products is that they have a silky finish.
The blush specially dry in few secons with a more powdery finish, while the highlighter is perfect for medium and dark skin.
These two products are Head over heels (6£) and Highlighter in sunbeam (9£).

Then i picked up two Lip stain...

These two lip marker are quite strange because they seem more real maker than proper lip products, however i noticed that they have a cherry taste. I like to wear them in lazy days when i don't feel wearing too much make up.
The two coluors in photo are: Berry and Hot Shot (8£). I usually wear Hot shot during the day and Berry which is a little bit darker than the other one.

Last product i bought is a nail polish...

Topshop nail polish have reasonable prices and good quality so i often buy some of their polishes. Specially this one is almost a perfect duplicate of Period (531) one of the latest chanel polish best seller.
This colour is called Hidden Treasure (6£)

What do you think about Topshop items? And about their Make up? Can you suggest me some product?
Please let me know!

Love, Lucy.