Latest obsession!

One of my latest obsessions are hand made bracelets! I like wearing well made accessories and let me tell you that when i recived my order from 'Fleur De Force shop' i was very surprise in a positive way!
First of all the shop has a really good shiping policy because it offers free international shipping which is amazing. Then the quality of the items is just incredible, they are exactly how they look in photos and when i recived my pack i was really happy with all three the bracelets i've ordered.
but let me show you which one i chose...

These are the 3 items i purchased and as you can see are gorgeous! i think i'll use these over the summer on the beach or to informal occasions.

I will leave here the shop link and Fleur YT channel becausse i like her video as much as i like her brcelets and i think everyone should know her!

Shop: http://shop.fleurdeforce.com/
YT channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/FleurDeForce/videos

What do you think guys? Don't you love these bracelets too?

Love, Lucy.

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