In Londo Mineral Collection, by Neve Cosmetics

I finally got the Neve Cosmetics London collection which came out some months ago, but i thought to share it with you all. In one of my previous post i spoke about the Neve Cosmetics brand and i think it's the only make up brand that Italy can be proud of, even if it's not very famous abroad. All Neve's make up are cruelty free and bio, so they can be used for every day make up without damaging the skin. They are well pigmented and not expensive at all. They also come out with different collections, this one i'm going to show you is called "In London", the temting name (i'm a london lover) and the beautiful colors made me buy almost the entire collection.

In London is composed by 4 different mineral eyeshadows 2 mineral blushes and 3 brushes. I personally own all 4 eyeshadows, 1 blush... but let see them closer!

Camden Town eyeshadow

Carnaby Street Shadows

 Kensington Gardens

Notting Hill eyeshadow


As you can see the pigmentation is incredible and the colors are just lovely.

London Mood Blush

For blush i only chose this one because this was the one i like the most while the other one was slightly orange so i decided to pick up this beautiful rosy pink.

If you like even just one of these products i suggest you to check out the Neve Cosmetics' website:

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  1. Omg they are so pigmented! Ive never heard of them, but i might try them out!:)