Hits and Shits • October 2012

It's been a while since my last monthly favourite, so here i am again writing about Hits and Shits of October.


First of all i want to mention my everyday colored lip butter of this month, Pink Truffle lip butter by Revlon. I can't say enough good words about this lip product, it's so wearable, moisturizing and easy to apply. I think that this kind fo warm rosy pink is perfect for autumn, it last 3 hours on me but as i said it's so easy to apply that you won't need the mirror!

Now let's talk about eyes! This month i've been loving my Wet N Wild Coloricon Eyeshadow 249 Vanity, this mini palette is composed by 6 shades, 3 matte and 3 shimmer. Since i started Uni i'm always in a hurry and with this palette i can do a nice nude smokie in 2 minutes, which is just what i need to look good. The eyeshadows are well pigmented and the lighter shades can be used as higlighter too.

 Moving on to foundation i wanna mention one of my latest purchase form Neve Cosmetics website. I generally don't use foundation during the day becase i don't feel like wearing it and i wanna let my skin braeth, i usually use it when i have a night out or some special event, but lately i had a bad brake out so i needed to cover up some pimples here and there. I chose Neve cosmetics Light Neutral high coverage foundation, which is a mineral product. I prefer to use this kind of natural make up when i have skin problems so my skin can breath and pores are not blocked. This foudantion reminds me a lot the Bare minerals one, in fact they are really similar but Neve cosmetics doesn't have SPF.

Last but not least there is my new blush brush 129 from MAC. There is nothing much to say about it, except that i adore it i use this brush almost every day to apply and blend my blsuh into my cheeks and it works very well.


I don't really have many shits for this moth except for two hair products: shampoo and conditioner by Moroccanoil. I konw this is a famous and well known hair brand but i tried these two products for litterally 2 months now and i don't see any difference. They are pretty expensive (20 Euro per product) i don't think i will repurchase them again, i was quite disappointed!

Hope you liked 'Hits and Shits' of October and don't forget to comment!
Love, Lucy

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  1. I really want to try the revlon lip butters