How much is my face worth?

I first saw this post on Essiebutton blog and i liked it, so i thought to give it a try!
Basically you do your makeup & tally up how much all of the products you used cost in total! 
Scary stuff and I was actually nervous to do it!
I just did my makeup as usual (not trying to use only cheap/only expensive things) and this is the result!

bareMineral matte foundation spf 15 € 28,50

MAC Bare Study paint pot €18,50
Wet N Wild Coloricon Eyeshadow 249 Vanity (bought on ebay) € 10,00

Urban Decay Urbanbrow Styling Brush and Setting Gel € 19,50
Maybelline volum express falses € 10,00
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer  € 5,26
Yves Saint Laurent L'Eyeliner Noir € 26,90
MAC Fleur Power Pouder Blush € 22,50
Dior Addict Extreme 339 - Silhouette lipstick € 27,90

Total = € 169,06/£ 134, 50

I am actually really shocked by the result!
I really had fun doing this post, i sugest to give it a chance.
Love, Lucy


  1. Love the look :) and you look so pretty :)