Nude Plette, can't choose the one for you?

Here there are some nude palette and their pros and cons, so if you are looking for a nude palette but you can't decide which one to choose...

1. Naked palette by Urban Decay

Everybody know it, it's one of the most famous nude palette for the colors and the quality. It costs £ 35/$ 57, so It's quite expensive but the palette comes with 12 eyeshadows shade a mini size primer and a brush. This palette comes with most warm and few cold shades so is suitable for different kinds of skin tones. The packaging is nice but not the most resistant and it gets dirty easly.

2. Naked 2 palette by Urban Decay

Also the Naked 2 palette is well known for the range of colors and quality, It costs £ 35/$ 57. The packaging is definitly improved, it's made of metal so is more sturdy and if it gets dirty it can be easly clean up. Then the size of the mirror is defenetly more useful. Compared with the Naked 1 this contain more cold shades so it's just for few certain skin tones.

3. Au Naturel palette by Sleek

This palette comes with 12 different eyeshadows and, in my opinion the colors selection is quite good, so it can be used on different skin tones. It costs £ 7,50 so is more affordable than The Naked 1 and 2.  The packaging is smart and simple, it is also pretty small so it is easy to carry around with you. 
There is a cons about these eyeshadows, they are made with liquid paraffin which is not good if you weare these kind of eyeshadows every day.

4. Natural Eye palette by Too Faced

The Natural eye comes with 9 eyeshadows devided in 3 rows and costs £28,00. It also has 3 cards which can help to create new looks, but i haven't even touched them.What i like about this palette is the different eyeshadows textures, as you can see the first row is made with just matte shades, the 2 is made with pearl eyeshadows and the 3 row is made with glitter eyeshadows. The only cons in this palette is the packeging which is quite bulky and there isn't the mirror.

5. Elegantissimi palette by Neve make up

Last but not least is the Elegantissimi palette by Neve Makeup (22,27 euro). It comes with 10 eyeshadows which are bio and cruelty free, so it can be use everyday without damage the skin. The eyeshadows range and quality is good but it doesn't have any mirror.

So after all my absolute favourite is the Ntural eye by too faced, which is yours?
Hope this post was helpul 
Love, Lucy

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