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Last week i finally recived 3 orders i made some weeks ago so i thought to talk about these new babies. 
First i'd like to start from the eos lip balm, i know i know i'm the last girl in the world to purchase this item, but here in Italy we don't have eos :(
This lip butter doesn't need any explanation, it is amazing.

Than i got my first London BUTTER London polish, yay! This baby is called ASTON and I don't think this color gets enough credit. Yeah, it's not a "fun" color but there's nothing like it! I'd describe it as a 'neutral muted brownish medium toned mauve'. 

The 3rd order was from Louella shop. About this purchese i wanna spend few more words. On the 2 of August i orderde this 'Mineral' brush kit.
Brushes included in this kit:
Powder Blending Brush (#959B)
Slanted Contour Brush (#942B)
Precision Concealer Brush (#934B)
Large Tapered Blending Brush (#787B)
Large Shadow Brush (#778B)
I wated for 2 weeks without any confirmation of my order so i tried to contact the shop, no answer. Then i tried to contact Zoe, one of the shop owner, but no one answered me back, so i contacted the other owner Louise and finally she wrote me back.
So a part from the fact that Louise was very sorry for what happened I had to waait one month to recive my order... i was a bit angry. Louise was so kind to send me a free kabuki, which made me less mad but...
Anyway all brushes are eco-friendly with sustainable bamboo handles. They are vegan, made with soft, synthetic bristles & are 100% cruelty free.

Last but not least a non beauty order, Photo prints! As you guys know i love photography, so one day while i was on etsy i found these beautiful postcard with wonderful photos on it. Here's the link of the etsy shop.

Please let me know what do you think about these products
Love, Lucy

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