Why do you wear makeup tag

Today I was suring on the web and I ended up watching the latest video by Louise and Sammi, it is called 'Why do you wear mekaup tag'. I actually think this is such a brilliant tag and I liked it so much that I thought to try to do it, but please remember that this is my first tag so can I have a standing ovation for this?

Anyway here's the questions:
1. When did you begin loving makeup?
2. How do you feel without makeup?
3. What do you like about makeup?
4. Three Holy Grail items? 

1. I have to admit that I've never been a mekaup girl because my mum doesn't wear makeup at all, but when I started high school everybody seem to be obsessed with make up, and people actually laught at me because I didn't wear make up saying staff like -you're such a monster- or -you look like Ugly Betty-. So when I was 17 I started to get into the makeup world hoping to look less like a 'Ugly Betty'.

2. This question made me face one of my main problems, I am 101% a makeup slave, I can of course go out with no makeup without cring but I actually feel FUCKING ugly and I feel like don't wanna talk with enybody.

3. As I said makeup makes me feel less 'monster' and more 'human'. With make up I can be a total different person, I see make up like a kind of new art and it helps me to express myself.

4. Well my favourite item is eyeliner, the one that I like the most is Yves Saint Laurent NOIR. This is one of my first purchase and I'm still in love with it after 3 years.
The second item I love is the Istant age rewind concealer by Maybelline.
And last but not least there is Touche Eclat by YSL which is my world, it bright up my face like no others.

So these are my enswers, what are yours? 
Please let me know with a coment what do you think and share this tag :)


  1. Definitely gonna save this tag as a draft and pull it up sometime :) Great answers lol, I think mine will be similar!

  2. I cant go out without make up, I would feel terrible! bad isn't it!?!